Mapping Wikipedia is a collaboration between TraceMedia and the Oxford Internet Institute. The map is generated from an archive of all the geo-located articles for a number of languages. For further information see the TraceMedia project page, and to learn more about the OII project that examines Wikipedia in the Middle East and North Africa, please visit here.

We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, FireFox, Opera, IE or Safari. There's Flash support for IE 7 and IE 8, but IE 9 or above is preferable.

Beware! Some searches will require a large download. For example, a worldwide search of English articles is likely to take a long time and might crash older browsers. Use the Stop button to cancel a search in progress.

The map was created by TraceMedia using an Oxford Internet Institute analysis of Wikipedia data. Support was provided by the IDRC.

For more information contact Gavin Baily gavin[at]tracemedia.co.uk or Mark Graham www.geospace.co.uk.

Developed using Open Layers and Google Maps API.